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Phone SEX
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You probably don't admit that you do it, but I know better, and I love to show and tell you how I do it....
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not missionary
I love being tied
I have some great shots that my boss took when I let him tie me up and whip me.....
Of course I wouldn't have let him do it if I didn't get off on it. Don't let anyone tie you up if you're not absolutely sure you can trust them. I made it easy for you to get in. You can use a credit card or check and even give the credit card number by phone. Be a member and join my club. You have to be a member because I want to be careful about who my friends are and be sure that I kept all of the little boys out. I just want real men and of course I want those lovely ladies to see me too.
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Oh .. I forgot, I was telling you about the positions...
Did I forget those up close and personal shots.
I have some that will make a doctor blush ...

A little kinky too.

Variety to me means try anything. I let my boss who I really trust tie me up and give me a "light" whipping a few times. You really have to see this. This is getting me hot, where's the phone ... ..

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